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Gene Robot controller project is organized and gets supports from National government 6 years ago. Previous ABB international R&D chief Technology officer (CTO) Dr. Gan and the first iPhone automation production line designer, the Chairman of ABB robot controller center Dr. Chi lead more than 60 engineers devoting in GENE robot controller for numerous test and improvement. In 2017, it comes out with cooperation with Kawasaki and ABB. And in 2018, it make GENE Automation have a direct cooperation with Staubli for laser applications stations.

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GENE Robot Controller-Kawasaki robot controller-staubli robot controller

A fully made in China robot controller-GENE Automation Controller. With over 6-years and 60 engineers devoted research, it comes out after numerical tests. Quoted a word from Kawasaki Global President “GENE Controller is the perfect match for Kawasaki robots”. For the same reason, GENE become the general distributor of Kawasaki and built a new factory in China for Kawasaki robots.
Now this controller was used in laser cutting robot system, laser welding robot system, arc welding system, material handling system with Kawasaki robot, Staubli robots and ABB robots. 
In 2018, it gains the first award of robot control at China national research project.

Robot Controller System Features:

-More than 60 professional robot control experts focusing on R&D over 6 years, and with national project support, world leading robot control technology
-The first prize of China Ministry of Science and Technology's robotic motion control owner
-Fully match internationally renowned brand robots - Kawasaki, Kawasaki, ABB, Kuka, Staubli, etc.
-Special software for arc welding, drawing on the length of each family in Japan, the programming of the process path is fast and simple
-Adaptive welding function, which can be used to modify the position, weaving pattern and speed of the robot to fill various joints
-Built-in intelligent software for different applications
-Protection grade IP54 makes it adapting to various industrial environment.

Teach Pendant-GENE robot controller-Kawasaki Robot Controller-Staubli robot

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Tips: what is IP 54? 
A. First digit 5: Solid particle protection-Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; 
B. Second digit 4: Splashing water -Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either: an oscillating fixture or a spray nozzle with no shield for 10 minutes.