Laser Welding Cell

Laser welding plays a more and more important role in metal sheet welding includes carbon steel,stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel alloy and others. It has a better surface performance than traditional soldering, arc welding and with no wires or extra supplement. Laser welding is considered as the first choice in high accuracy and quick welding requirements fields.

Welding Laser Power: 1,000w to 10,000w /150 -300w QCW laser

Standard welding worktable and customized ones according to site production requirements for semi-automation and full-automation. 

GENE fiber laser welding machine works for thin metal parts and high precision components welding. Normally it performs spot welding, stitch welding, butt welding, seal welding.

Common welding material combination: Stainless steel to stainless steel, brass to brass, copper to copper, aluminum to aluminum, nickel alloy to nickel alloy, titanium welding, brass to stainless steel, and others.

In welding, the laser beam generates laser spot which has high energy density to melt welding material. Laser spot will influence welding effect largely. Laser welding has a relatively small heat-affected zone, there will be a smooth surface and with auxiliary gas N2 it will be shiny as or than original material. 

And moreover, swing welding technology makes laser welding more and more popular by reducing requirements of welding workpiece seam. 

Welding material samples:

stainless steel laser welding machine sample China laser welding machinebrass welding samples-laser welding sample-China laser welding machineTIG welding sample-laser welding sample-aluminum welding contrast-aluminum laser welding-gene automation

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