The fast, compact and low-cost solutions are ideal for factories looking for maximum value without sacrificing performance. SCARA -4 axis robot is widely accepted in electronics, medical, consumer products, semiconductor, hard drive, pharmaceutical, solar, Telecommunications and automotive assembly with following features:

a. High Performance
0.45s cycle time improves total part throughput; Outstanding acceleration and deceleration rates with smooth start and stop motion; Low residual vibration due to unique high rigidity arm design; Fast speed and precise movement with accuracy ±0.01mm.

b. Compact Design
Simple, reliable operation, with easy-to-use lead-through programming. It can be easily integrated into any production environment with such a small-space occupying.

c. Powerful Controller and intuitive Programming Software
Self-own robot controller and software make guarantee for all situation may meet at production site. And making automation fast and easy.

d. Vision System as further choice
The vision system can be added at top and JT 4 to monitor the production.

e. Increase productivity

SCARA can work 24 hours a day. Together with vision system, the yield rate will be highly improved.

Suzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd. -SCARA robot - 4 axis robot -3kgs payload robot -1

GRB410   Technical Parameter

Total Axis4Rated Payload1KG, max 3KG
Arm Reach400mmRepeat AccuracyAxis 1-2: ±0.01mm
Weight19KGS Axis 3: ±0.01mm
Pressure under 3rd Joint100N Axis 4: ±0.01°
Motion Range InstallationFloor
JT1±130°Standard Cycle Time0.45/s
JT2±131°Max Movement Speed
JT3150mmJT 1-26000 mm/s
JT4±360°JT 31100 mm/s
Environmental Condition JT 42600 °/s
Ambient Temperature0-45℃Power Consumption1000w
Relative Humidity35-85%, no dew, no frost allowed

GRB430   Technical Parameter

Item Specification Item Specification
Total Axis 4 Rated Payload 2KG, max 6KG
Arm Reach 600mm Repeat Accuracy Axis 1-2: ±0.02mm
Weight 19KGS Axis 3: ±0.01mm
Pressure under 3rd Joint 100N Axis 4: ±0.01°
Motion Range Installation Floor
JT1 ±127° Standard Cycle Time 0.42/s
JT2 ±145° Max Movement Speed
JT3 200mm JT 1-2 6800 mm/s
JT4 ±360° JT 3 1100 mm/s
Environmental Condition JT 4 2000 °/s
Ambient Temperature 0-45℃ Power Consumption 1000w
Relative Humidity 35-85%, no dew, no frost allowed
Air Channel φ4mm*1φ6mm*2

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