Robot Laser Cutter

Compared to conventional 5 axis laser cutting machine, Stäubli RX160L robot cutter, Kawasaki RS020N robot cutter and ABB IRB2400 robot cutter is the fast-return project on investment. 
Robot laser cutter requires less space at workshop, less energy consumption and lower maintenance demand. Its flexible programming adapts to different product requirements and small batch processing. 
Different installation methods (ground, wall-mounted, top-mounted) are available for robot cutter. Fully enclosed arm structure with IP65 (IP67 wrist) is easy for cleaning and working well at harsh environments.

Laser Power: 500w, 700w, 750w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w

Cutting Station Name: Staubli Laser Cutter /ABB Robotic Laser Cutting Machine /Kawasaki Robotic Laser Cutting Station /Robot Laser Cutter /Laser Cutting Robot Workcell

Demo robotic systems for sample testing purpose:

ABB robotic laser cutter from GENE Automation China 3D laser cutting station -robotic laser cutting machine -laser cutting robot armKawasaki robots laser cutting solution -robotic laser cutting station GENE Automation China-laser cutting robot armSuzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd.-Staubli robotic laser cutter - laser cutting robot system -laser cutting robot arm

Robotic Laser Cutting System Brief View

GENE lasercutting system is widely applied in 3D laser cutting of Automobile body,chassis, metal sheet, fitness equipment, household appliances, lifts, machineryand other industries. For its compact size, lower running and maintenance cost,robotics laser cutting becomes a better solution for small quantity andcustomized metal sheet cutting processing. The cost of robot 3d cutting systemis very economic compared with 5 axis cutting system, but compared with platecutting, it works on curved surface and special-shaped pipes excellently.
Fiber laser bears higher cuttingquality, longer service life, lower running cost than traditional laser. Itgrants flexibility for your cutting process.

System Features

-Swift cutting speed improves output and shortens product production cycle
-Small kerf, smooth cutting edge at 3D surface
-Simple operation, high automation level, reducing labor intensity efficiently
-No pollution in production, do not cause harm to operator
-No tool wearing during laser processing, long service life, save production cost a lot

-High reliability and stability for mass production and processing requirements

Technical Parameters

Fiber Laser Source:

Standard Output Laser Power: 500W / 750W / 1000W / 1500W /2000W
Wavelength: 1070-1080nm
Beam Quality(M2) : ≤ 1.2

Cutting Head

Focal distance: 75mm;125mm;150mm;200mm (as option)
Auxiliary Gas Pressure: ≤ 10bar

Cutting Robots

Cutting Robots Brand: STAUBLI   ABB   Kawasaki
Working Area: 1400mm-2010mm
Position Repeatability: ±0.05mm, depends on robots
Installation Method: Floor, ceiling, wall

GENE Automation Robotic System Testing &Sample processing Area:

Robotic laser cutting systems -robotic laser cutter at China Suzhou GENE Automation -laser cutting robot arm

Robotic Laser Cutting Samples:

Robotic laser cutting machine samples -3D laser cutter -laser cutting robot metal sheet sample- GENE AutomationRobotic laser cutting machine sample -Suzhou GENE Automation -laser cutting robot stainless steel tube cutting sample -Robotic laser cutting samples GENE Automation

GENE Robotic cutting demo video:

Click to download station PDF file |Checking GENE Typical Projects -Automobile Metalller Body Mass Cutting-GEELY Project

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