Robot Laser Welding

GENE Robot Welding Station Brief Introduction

GENE robot laser welding station is designed as the optimal welding solution for most industries -asautomobile, fitness equipment, electronics, phones, medical equipment and so on.It provides all metal relative industries a better welding solution. Laserwelding machines are suitable for thin material, high precision parts spotwelding, butt welding, stitch welding and seal welding.

Robotic Welding Station Features

* Smart and reliable operation for large 3D welding requirements.
* Customized fixtures and jig.
* Dual or more welding working station in one system to higher output.
* The unique swing welding method minimize welding seam question. It make workpieces suitable for laser welding with bigger welding seam.
* High repeat accuracy, no consumables

* Fully automatic welding process, no work /occupational injury, visible production.

Technical Parameters

Robot Welding Area:0-3000mm 
Fiber Laser Power:1000w -10000w, 150w-300w (QCW mode)
Y axis Travel: 0-2000mm 
Working Table Area: 2500mm X 2000mm (could be customized)
A axis chuck diameter: 0-4000mm 
B axis rotating angle: 0-360 degree

Model with protection hood

robot laser welding cell robotic laser welding station-suzhou gene automation

Welding Samples:

exhast pipe muffler tail pipe laser welding stainless steel welding machine

comressor parts laser welding aluminum laser welding at GENE AUTOMATION

Robotic Laser Welding Demo Video:

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