CO2 Cutting Robots

GENE CO2 laser cutting robot system is intentionally designed for plastic or similar material cutting at curved surface of both single layer or composite ones. The most common one is automotive interior (including carbon fiber parts, dashboard, front wall pillar) and exterior parts (the bumper, light cover), white goods (household appliances) drilling and edge cutting, helmet cutting and so on. Robot will move strictly to planned trajectory, working with CO2 laser and fixtures, it could fulfill different and dimensional cutting task. 

It is known that the CO2 laser optical path and laser source cooperation is most important parts in CO2 laser cutting robot arm system. GENE Automation, make all the them much more easier with low failure rate. The performance vide could be check at our youtube page: GENE AUTOMATION.

1. CO2 Cutting Robot System brief introduction

CO2 Laser robot laser cutting system is applied in curved surface or 3D workpiece cutting process. Especially for nonmetal cutting application. CO2 laser co-work with 6 axis robots by embedding all its optical path at robot arm to avoid motion interference.
Different focal distance cutting head is available for processing requires. And anti-collision modular device provides protections of cutting head and robot effectively.

2. Features
-High precise 6 axis robots, high precis repeat accuracy
-Embedded CO2 laser at robot, specially for complex 3D surface cutting
-Imported CO2 laser, long service life, smooth cutting edge
-Compact structure and space saving design, simple installation and commissioning
-Based on EtherCAT bus protocol, with Touch Screen, PLC control and extra serial ports, 100V-240V power supply for worldwide versatility.

3. Technical Parameters

CO2 laser
Standard power:250W /120W /60W
Wavelength: 10.6um
Beam quality ( M2 ) ≤ 1.2

Cutting Head
Focal Distance adjustment: 10mm( -3~+7 )
Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤10bar
Focal Distance: 75mm ;1 25mm ;150mm ;200mm

Kawasaki Robot -RS020N
Working Radius: 1725 mm 
Repeat Accuracy: ±0.05mm 
Installation: Floor, ceiling, wall

Cutting Samples:

CO2 laser cutting robot arm -auto interior trimCO2 laser cutting robot arm -auto interior trimCO2 laser cutting robot arm -auto interior trim

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