Smart Factory

Smart Factory, also known as Industry 4.0 Cloud Service Platform, is an application platform based on industrial big data, including bulk data access, massive data storage, large-scale computing and other services. 

It is a cloud platform for centralized remote operation and maintenance control and display development for intelligent manufacturing projects implemented in various factories. With self-developed industrial intelligent gateway, industrial data engine, and customized industrial big data analysis service, combined with industrial Internet, it collects, transmits and stores on-site production data and video surveillance data at various enterprises, and customizes industrial big data applications as per each projects.

Smart factories have the following characteristics: hyperscale, virtualization, high reliability, versatility, high scalability, and on-demand services.

Core Item 1-Industrial Intelligent Gateway

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More than 130 kinds of communication protocols were built-in the system. It supports Modbus, CAN, Profibus and other bus protocols for seamless conversion between different protocols, multi-protocol and multi-communication channel conversion. And collects equipment production data for production automation.
It reduces the difficulty of equipment data acquisition by 60% and maintenance cost by 90%. In addition, a graphical configuration and maintenance tool has been developed specifically for industrial intelligent gateways, even simple configuration from users could realize automatic data collection.

Core Item 2-:Industrial Data Engine

Industrial big data is based on the secondary development of Hadoop big data architecture, and on-site real-time data collection of industrial intelligent gateways. It provides unstructured and distributed big data storage, solves the problem of traditional relational database access performance and storage capacity limit. Besides, there are a unified data access interface and SDK development tools for standard data services of information systems such as MES and ERP.


· Keeping real-time gathered unstructured massive data, and supporting distributed storage and operations; 
. Provide data visualization and data analysis tools to quickly build business application systems;
· Provide data mining framework to customize data mining content and algorithms;
· Unified data access interface to provide data services for information systems such as MES, ERP, and PLM.

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Core Item 3-Intelligent Workshop Management

Real-time: Compared with the traditional MES system, it could have real-time communicate with the underlying equipment and production line, and upload to ERP system and interact with it.
Intelligent: There are intelligent elements inside it, such as online diagnostic analysis, optimized scheduling, and preventive maintenance which does not exist in traditional ERP system.
Modularity: The system adopts modular design idea, so users could have flexible choice and combination according to their own needs.
"Internet +" manufacturing: App on smartphone could control production process at any time, while supporting online submission of orders, monitoring the execution of orders, feedback product quality and other C2M applications.

Suzhou GENE Automation-Intelligent Plant Management -smart factory -intelligent factory -industrial 4.0 -Industry 4.0 -digital factory -03

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