Arc Welding Cell

Gene arc /MIG /TIG welding robot workcell adopts Japan Kawasaki arc welding robot, MIGATRONIC Welding Power-Denmark corp. with history exceeds 20 years in welding industry. GENE patented robot controller-first award owner at China National R&D center project, could realize various industrial arc welding situation. It bears advantages of Japanese and European robot motion controller after 6 years R&D supported by China government, reaching international advanced level. This controller is capable for different well-known robots like ABB, Kawasaki, KUKA, Staubli etc.

In 2017, GENE cooperated with Japan Kawasaki robot in manufacturing of new robot with GENE controller and act as the general distributor of Kawasaki robots in China.

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GENE-Kawasaki Arc /TIG Welding Station Images at Manufacturing Site &Customer Site:
MIG ROBOT -GENE Automation Robot Arc welding system from China Kawasaki arc welding robotChina robot arc welding station Suzhou GENE and Japan Kawasaki arc welding robot system -MIG ROBOT

Kawasaki Arc Welding Robot BA006N Features &Technical Data
* Special design for arc welding, MIG welding application
* Simplifed installation of welding torch and wires inside of the robot body
* Long service life
Technical Parameter
Item Specification Item Specification
Total Axis 6 Repeat Accuracy  ±0.06mm
Arm Reach 1445mm Rated Payload 6kg
Max Movement Speed Weight 150kg
JT 1 240°/s Installation Floor and Ceiling
JT 2 240°/s Protection Grade IP65
JT 3 220°/s Moment of Inertia
JT 4 430°/s JT4 0.4kg.m²
JT 5 430°/s JT5 0.4kg.m²
JT 6 650°/s JT6 0.07kg.m²

Welding robot trajectory:
Kawasaki arc welding robot BA006N workign trajectory
GENE Robot Controller
Suzhou GENE Automation Co., Ltd. -Robotic Arc Welding System -robot controller -Kawasaki robot controller -welding robot controller -made in China
-Exceeding 6-years R&D at robot application, 60+ robot motion control engineers with China National support
-The first Award-owner at Robot control competition hold by China Ministry of Science and Technology -worldwide robot motion control level.
-Complete matching robots brand: ABB, KUKA, Staubli, Kawasaki etc
-Special robotic arc welding software, simplified programming, friendly operation interface which surpass original Kawasaki controller
-Self-adaptive welding function for modification of robot position, speed, connection of drawing joint
-Built-in flexible, high accurate and intelligent software for different arc welding task
-Protection grade IP54, dust-protected and against water splashing from any direction

Supporting MIG /TIG Welding Power
-Standard interface for any brands of welding power with built-in adaptor, which reduces commissioning time sharply.
-Denmark MIGATRONIC welding power as standard configuration in GENE robot arc welding system, with average service life exceeds 5 years.
-Different Material welding technology supporting.

Outer Interfaces
-8 digital input /8 digital output together with 4 analog input /4 analog output to meet 
all arc welding requirements
-Opening user programming interface to simplified communication of peripheral devices like laser scanning device.

The Arc Welding robot station is the typical and perfect matching item of GENE controller and Kawasaki robot. It was used in mid-thick metal sheet welding in different industries for automatic welding and intelligent management.

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Suzhou GENE robot arc welding station tests before delivery:
Suzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd. -robotic arc welding station -arc welding robot -mig robot -TIG welding robotSuzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd. -robotic arc welding station -arc welding robot -MIG welding robot -TIG welding robot 02
GENE arc welding robot cell at Kawasaki exhibition booth: 
Kawasaki arc welding robot -MIG welding robot China -Suzhou GENE Automation -MIG Welding robotKawasaki arc welding robot -MIG welding robot China -Suzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd. -TIG welding robot
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* Application Cases -Pipe Welding robot station
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