Collaborative Cobot

The robotic arm is the latest 7-axis robot from GENE, which is different from the traditional six-axis industrial robot. It's the 7-DOF collaborative robotic arm with anthropomorphic design and implements drag and drop teaching. The function of collision detection is integrated, together with vision module to form a real-time closed-loop system. It is a high-precision small robot applied to many fields.

The robot is widely used in electronics, food and beverage, machinery, pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, research and others. It is flexible, compact, lightweight, and redundant. The repeatable positioning accuracy and path accuracy are suitablefor material handling and assembly applications.

Suzhou GENE Automation -Collaborative robot -single arm robotFeatures:

All autonomous design
GENE has the dual-arm robot's core robot controller, hollow integrated motor, and servo as own patented products.

Lightweight design
The robot has a compact design and a lightweight design. The weight of the entire robot arm is only 20KG, the arm diameter is less than 95mm, and the arm joint is less than 175mm, which facilitates installation and reduces the space occupied by the installation.

7 Axis design
Different from the conventional 6-axis traditional industrial robot, the arm of GENE robot has 7 degrees of freedom, and the redundant design enables the robot to work in a complicated environment.

Modular design
Each joint adopts a hollow modular joint, which makes the robot's joints more compact. The hollow joints facilitate the robot's alignment, making the robot easier to assemble and maintain.

Smart feedback closed loop
Sensor information such as machine vision and force sensing is directly compensated to real-time motion control to realize intelligent closed-loop control of the end of the tool, which can realize complex applications that cannot be realized by traditional industrial robots, and has powerful application interaction capabilities, forming people and machines, Multiple coordination capabilities between environments.

220V AC and 48V DC Dual Supply System
220V AC and 48V DC power supply with cutomized plug makes it world wide verstility. 

Collaborative Robot- Technical Parameter:

Item Technical Data 
Working Range 590 mm
Rated Load 3 kgs
Repeat Accuracy 0.03 mm
Arm Length 945 mm
TCP speed 4 m/s
TCP max. acceleration 20 m/s2
Axis 1 Working Area +180°~ -180°, Speed 180°/s
Axis 2 +120°~ -120°   180°/s
Axis 3 +180° ~ -180°    180°/s
Axis 4 +120°~ -120°    180°/s
Axis 5 +180°~ -180°    180°/s
Axis 6 +120°~ -120°    180°/s
Axis 7 +360°~ -360°    180°/s
Single Arm Weight 20 KG
Ambient Temp. 0-40℃
Rated Voltage 800 W
Power Supply AC 220V, 50 /60Hz; DC 48V
IP grade IP30 [1]
Installation Any angle
Integrated Signal at Wrist 24V Ethernet-oneport, 2 signals and 1 air supply
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Function Demo Video:
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