Kawasaki robots &GENE Controller

Release date:2018-1-18 11:05:14

GENE Automation-the general distributor of Kawasaki robots in China &the robots controller manufacturer which could totally matching Kawasaki robots.

GENE Automation have developed the robot controller since 2012 and test consistency, stability, different software kits application many times till mid of 2017. In the end of 2017, the controlled was demonstrated to Kawasaki with robotic arc welding, robotic laser cutting and robotic laser welding application. GENE controller has a much better user experience compared with most market products. And moreover, it had exceeded Kawasaki original controller and some main characteristics. The vice president of Kawasaki Japan had said this robot controller is the perfect match of Kawasaki robots.

In the same year, GENE Automation becomes Kawasaki general distributor in China and built a new company with Kawasaki together for GENE &Kawasaki robots which produce the robots system with GENE controller.

In Feb of 2018, GENE controller gets the first awards at China National motion control system hold by China Ministry of Science and Technology.

Signing site with Kawasaki:

Kawasaki arc welding robots station-Kawasaki general distributor in whole China-Suzhou GENE Automation

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