The 20th CIIF 2018 Shanghai-Suzhou GENE Automation

Release date:2018-9-26 15:36:34

The 20th CIIF 2018-China International Industry Fair was successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from Nov 8th to 19th to 23rd. It is the leading event on equipment manufacturing in China and one of the most influential international industry fairs worldwide. 
Suzhou GENE was in the robot hall 7.1H booth B018-the most attractive tradeshows in robotics field by industry peers. During the period, robotic laser cutting and robotic arc welding linkage system, robot battery automatic packaging detection system, high-precision small-load handling robot, independent research and development of 4-axis SCAR robot, dual-arm cooperative robot, disaster relief environment monitoring robot, independent research and development of national production handling robots and welding robots, etc. were exhibited. There were News interview and on-site interaction with visitors in the meantime.

Dr. Yongli Chi CEO of Suzhou GENE Automation-News Interview at CIIF 2018 ShanghaiCIIF 2018 Shanghai- Suzhou GENE Automation-Site View

1) Robotic laser welding station &Robot laser cutter linkage Station

Kawasaki RS020N laser cutting robot station and BA006N arc welding robot station was working coordinately. GENE patent robot controller was applied in the systems (China National R&D project). The whole automated laser process system includes laser cutting robot, welding robot, 2 axis L type positioner, floor rail, robot data manager system and remote-control system. Cutting and welding processing of auto parts, industrial sheet parts, and other 3D metal parts could be finished with this robotic station. The max external axis could 9 for each robotic station.

Suzhou GENE Automation Co., Ltd.-CIIF 2018 Shanghai-Robotic laser cutting machine 3d laser cutter-robotic arc welding station-robotic arc welder

2) 7 Axis Collaborative Single arm robot &dual-arm collaborative robot

GENE patented collaborative dual-arm robot has 7-axis redundant high-precision design which greatly expands application scenarios. The applicable industries include assemble line of electronics, military products, food and beverage, machinery, pharmaceutical, medical, scientific research and etc. The flexibility, compact and lightweight features, allows robot multi-angle motion. 
Some actual application cases are military product assemble, toys automatic assemble, automatic baking of egg tarts, and environment test, monitor or rescue where human could not reach.

Suzhou GENE Automation-7 axis collaborative robots-dual-arm robots

3) 6 axis industry robot Interactive Game -Tower of Hanoi

7kg payload Kawasaki robot RS007L are inviting you for Tower of Hanoi. The compact design, swift motion speed, high accuracy make it suitable for high requirements industries.
Main technical data:
Horizontal Reach-930mm 
Vertical Reach-1726mm
Max Speed-12,000mm/s

Suzhou GENE Automation-Kawasaki RS007L robots at CIIF 2018 Shanghai

4)  GENE Patented Robot Controller and its Main Parts
In Feb of 2018, GENE robot Control won the first award at industry robot control competition hold by China Ministry of Science and Technology and was listed in national R&D planning. GENE insists independent R&D, and cooperates with Kawasaki Japan for robotic application and established a new company together in China. Kawasaki robots vice president Takahiro said "GENE controller is the perfect match of our robotic arm."

Suzhou GENE Automation-Robot controller-Arc welding system robot controller- robotic laser cutting controller

5) SCARA Robot &Vision System

SCARA robot is developed and launched in the exhibition. The 2D vision system is installed for demo purpose. It captures and feedbacks the image to control system for exact location and real-time inspection function.
The SCARA robot could be used in most speed required application of industry small parts including food packaging by shifting to eatable lubricating oil. 

Suzhou GENE Automation Co., Ltd.-SCARA robots4 axis robots

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