Automotive Sheet Part Laser Cutter

Suzhou GENE Automation Co.,ltd.-3D robotic laser cutter-Geely automotive sheet parts laser cutter-Staubli 6 axis laser cutter

-Image from GEELY Automotive metal sheet process plant, all rights reserved-

With the increasing demand for personalized customization in automotive industry, the application of 3D laser cutting machines in the automotive sheet metal cutting has grown rapidly over the years.

The traditional machine tool laser cutting center was applied in plane sheet cutting, and European five-axis machine tool for 3d metal cutting but with very high equipment cost. Compared with the above machines, robot laser cutting has the advantages of fast and intelligent processing and low cost.

Among them, the Stäubli laser cutting machine is rapidly spreading in the industry with high stability and accurate trajectory cutting requirement. With its professional robot motion control technology, Suzhou GENE takes advantage of the depth and deck of the Japanese Kawasaki robot, and GENE professional motion controller realizes the expansion of the high-end, mid-end and low-end of 3D laser cutting market.

--Stäubli robotic laser cutting system features high precision and fast cutting application;
--ABB robotic laser cutting machine could meet all kinds of 3D sheet metal parts cutting and is a cost-effective choice;

--GENE Kawasaki three-dimensional laser cutting system (3D Laser cutter) has become one of the flagship products of 3d sheet metal and special-shaped cutting. China national first award robot motion control system and patent cutting software were applied in the system. It has the very competitiveness.

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