E-bike Robotic Arc Welding

Suzhou GENE Automation E-bike arc welding robot-Etricycle robotic arc welding stationSuzhou GENE Automation E-bike arc welding robot-Etricycle robotic arc welding station -02

Nowadays, when we say environmental vehicles, beside electric vehicles, it must include E-bike, E-scooter and E-tricycle. And robotic arc welding systems have a rapid growth in the industry, which was extraordinary prevail in China.

Robotic arc welding system took the place of more and more welding operators in recent years for its high maneuverability, high repeatability and satisfied welding effect. Since By virtue of growing labor cost and safety requirements, it is accepted fast by corresponding enterprises.

Gene Automation arc welding robot system, adopting Kawasaki arc welding robot (BA series), Denmark MIGATRONICS welding power (or US ESAN power supply as optional). It was used in E-bike, E-tricycle sheet metal parts, aluminum alloy frame, and metal parts automatically welding. It has following characteristics:
      Customized fixtures to meet automatic welding requirements of different components
      Double-station for alternate processing, or coaxial welding improves work efficiency
      Real-time display of welding processing data, accurate control of production progress (optional function)

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