Compressor Part- Automatic Laser Welding

Compressor Part- Automatic Laser Welding Project

The automatic laser welding system was applied in different material and single material welding. 

Stainless steel compressor part automatic laser welding is a great example. The customized fiber laser welding station provides an automatic solution of simultanous laser welding. It loads parts to welding position and unloads the finished parts after laser welding process. Both side of finished compressor parts will be fully wrapped as required (GENE holds the welding patent). 

Applicable material: Copper-Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel-Stainless Steel

Laser Welding Advantages:

1. The welding process is controlled by industrial PC, non-contact welding and small deformation.
2. Small heat affected zone, fast welding speed, smooth and clean welding seam.
3. High reliability, maintenance-free operation, precise control
4. Automatic production line could be realized easily with automation equipment management. 
5. Outstanding Consistency and high production capacity

Suzhou GENE Automation-Finned heat Exchanger laser welding projectSuzhou GENE Automation Finned Exchanger Laser Welding systemSuzhou GENE Automation Finned Exchanger Laser Welding system -3

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