Smart Factory & Industrial 4.0

The digital workshop, also known as the smart factory, helps the factory realize fully-automatic, visualized, real-time monitoring of all production links. Smart Factory is the main direction of Intelligent Made in China 2025. Suzhou GENE with more than 60 professional system control technology engineers provide you one-stop smart factory (Industry 4.0) solutions.

GENE digital factory (smart factory) typical cases include the fields of automobiles and parts, new energy, 3C industry, special robots and others. In 2017, GENE signed contract of smart factory with China CRRC, Huazhong Vehicle, Shuanglin Vehicle (stock code: 300100), Huaxiang Group, NBSL Elevator, KFMI electronics (stock code 300666), and Luzhou Laojiao one of the four China spirit. Total sales contract reaches USD210 million. 

Suzhou GENE Automation Co., Ltd.-Smart factory-intelligent factory Suzhou GENE smart factory project

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