Laser Scoring System for Airbag

GENE Automation Laser Scoring system for Airbag breaking points in aribag covers

Suzhou GENE Automation developed laser scoring /scribing system for airbag cover processing in automobile industry. The whole system consists of ABB industrial 6 axis robot, GENE patented motion control system and laser scribing data packet for scoring. The unique control technology leads robot motion following set route, and reduces motion impact for laser scribing /scoring on airbag cover breaking points. The steady performance, high process accuracy, flexibility and efficiency of robotic laser scoring system.

The laser scoring principle: after focusing on material, laser beam with instantaneous high-energy characteristics vaporizes corresponding material surface rapidly to remove it.
The unique sensing control technology ensures the wall thickness of processed material is consistent with set value, and avoiding the material being completely penetrated by the laser.The airbag pop-up point at covering material is processed by laser, and is gradually thinned to a predetermined thickness.
When the airbag is activated, it can accurately tear material at the thin points and eject for safety protection.

The system is currently used in a wide range of applications: automotive passenger dashboards and door airbag covers, interior covers at integrated side and chest airbags, fabric or leather trim in single or multi-layer materials of different types and thicknesses and composite materials processing.

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