Customized Automation System

Suzhou GENE Automation-Customized automation project

GENE Automation customizes production line: molten salt tower type 500,000 kilowatts of solar thermal power generation project heliostat frame automatic assembly line.

It’s an automatic production line for secondary beam laser automatic welding production line which completely replaces manual loading and welding operation. It takes 6000w fiber laser with 4 optical outputs, 9 different product clamping tooling modules for 9 different types of sub-beam products. The clamping tooling module is equipped with a vision system for quick installation, disassembly and precise positioning.

The clamping tooling module could fully adapt straightness error of the secondary beam and the burr at padded block, and deformations of transport. The designed accuracy wes guaranteed by positioning mechanism, the automatic adjustment of relative height between shaping clamp and padded block.

The automatic production line has following advantages:
    1. Dual-station at two automatic production line.
    2. Metal material welding seam destructive test accordingly to GB/T 26957-2011 standards.
    3. Tensile testing will be done to measure welding strength.
    4. Fully automatic production without manual work.
    5. Visualization, digitization, real-time control of production progress and completion.

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