About GENE

Suzhou GENE Automation is the national High-tech enterprise, focusing on industry robot R &D, robotic application station integration. Dr. Zhongxue Gan and Dr. Yonglin Chi -the first national Thousands Overseas Elites, the national distinguished special experts of robotic system lead GENE to international robot control level. 

Exceeding 60 robot engineers with 5-year to 10-year experiences in ABB /KUKA /Yasakawa robot automation R &D departments or applications dept.

Main products contain: Fiber laser cutting robotic cell, Arc /MIG /TIG welding robot station, cobot (7-axis collaborative robot), fully automatic laser welding stations, customized CNC robot cells, smart factory etc.

Core robot application Industries: Automobiles, household field, fitness industry, electronics, energy industry, military projects, medical industry and others with automatic inspection, automatic test, automatic assembly line and smart factory.

To provide swift responds to each client, Suzhou GENE acts as robot system integrator and service center, and Shanghai GENE acts as R&D /technical support center. 

GENE team in China: Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Dongguan are ready for services. 

GENE distributor in Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand and Turkey are ready for your services.


--In 2017, new collaborative dual-arm robots are launched with patented robot control system.
--In 2017, GENE and KAWASAKI built a NEW robot factory of GENE controller and KAWAKASI robot. And appoint GENE as the sole distributor in whole China. 
--In 2017, the first MES system for KFMI (electronics).
--In Jan of 2018, GENE robot controller gets China National R&D plan first award for its patented top-robot controller, which could be used in cutting, welding, CNC robot systems and MES. Competitors includes: SIASUN, DJI, STEP and other top-ranking firms in China.
--In 2018, the USD 153 million contract of robot systems between XINGDA and GENE.
--In GENE centers /Distributors in Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey and Philippines are ready for services.

GENE Working Mode:

Shanghai GENE 
R&D center, technical support to Suzhou GENE
Shanghai GENE Automation-Suzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd. -robotic laser cutting machine -handling robot
Suzhou GENE 
, sales and service center
Suzhou GENE Automation Co., ltd-robotic cutting system

CEO -Dr. Yonglin Chi

Dr. Yonglin Chi CEO of GENE Automation -Suzhou GENE Automation -robotic laser cutting robotic laser welding robotic handlingThe robot control scientist
The first batch of the recruitment program of global experts
The former-manager of the robot control department of ABB China R&D Center and the operation manager of the Precision Assembly Engineering Center.
Some technological breakthroughs in more than ten-years work in ABB have been achieved:
(1) Product development of a new generation of compact robot controllers;
(2) The first fully automated assembly line in the electronics industry-Iphone pro
duction line;
(3) The introduction of force control technology in China and its promotion in industry;
(4) Development of various robot application systems;
(5) Core technology and application of robot flexible electronic assembly production line.
Suzhou GENE Automation is committed to developing industrial robot products with independent intellectual property rights. It strives to break the monopoly of foreign brands in key components of robots for truly realization of “intelligent Made in China”.
GENE Automation has a professional R&D team with more than 60 robot industry doctors in the direction of intelligent manufacturing. We aim to bring robotic application to all of world.

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